Quick Post: Nails of the Week

Candy nails

Note: This is another old post. 🙂

What I did to my nails is super simple. I just picked a nail polish from my stash that I like and apply it on my nails. I chose the stardust nail polish from Girl Stuff Forever. I’ll review this nail polish in a separate post. 🙂

DSC03393_FotorSo here are the things I used for my nails:

  1. Caronia Nail Hardener and Base Coat (used it as both base coat and top coat)
  2. Girl Stuff nail polish in Stardust

What I did was to apply a base coat first, which is a must. It does not only prolong the nail polish but it also protects our nails from getting soft. 🙂 And then I put 2 layers of the Stardust nail polish, then another top coat after. You can choose a white (or pink) base coat before applying the nail polish. It’s your choice. 🙂

So there. Pretty easy right? Sorry I didn’t have enough time to do another nail art. Maybe next time. 🙂

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