Food: Bag O’ Shrimps



I first heard about Bag O’ Shrimps from Andi Manzano’s blog. I’m a fan of seafood so when I read her post, I was drooling over the food. It looks so good talaga. And the place is super nice. But, that place is located in McKinley, somewhat far from my place. So I was really really excited when they opened a branch in SM Megamall!

Bag O’ Shrimps is located at 3rd Floor Atrium, SM Megamall. It’s beside Eri Curry, a relative new restaurant as well. Their place is not so catchy from the outside, and their logo is somewhat small enough for people to see (forgot to take a picture). When we’re searching for it, we almost couldn’t find it if not for their menu standee. Well at least we found it. 🙂

I didn’t take a photo of the menu, so if you want to check the prices, you can go to (they have a pretty good and enticing website :D). The food is affordable especially the side dishes/appetizers.

1511984_10204740668854304_4636697740434176230_oMe and my boyfriend while waiting for the food

The waitress gave us a small sheet of paper and asked us to encircle our order. Everything is in that small paper, we just need to encircle it and indicate the number if it’s more than one. We ordered a bag of shrimps with lemon pepper as flavor and with mild spiciness. We also ordered onion rings and 2 cups of rice.

As you can observe from the first picture, you can see that the place is surrounded by paddles, anchors, nets etc. – anything related to the sea. It’s so fancy and I love it. The other side of the wall (which I didn’t get to take a picture) says “Eat with your hands”. So using your bare hands to eat is highly recommended in this place. But you can ask for spoon and fork or plastic gloves if you want to. But for us, we chose eat with our bare hands. Don’t worry, they have a sink and faucet where you can wash your hands. They have soap too!

1909273_10204740663414168_3816028770057634197_oSuper love these lights!

 So here are the pictures of what we ordered:

1801290_10204740671934381_6489407496850056560_oShrimps with lemon and pepper flavor, P565.00/463 g.

10708702_10204740674534446_64915352361247858_oOnion rings, P115.00

The bag of shrimps is really a lot. It’s good for 2 to 3 persons. What we didn’t like is that it isn’t that flavorful. We hardly tasted the lemon part. But the shrimp is really fresh and huge. We felt so full after eating this. I also love the onion rings especially the sauce. I just can’t describe how the sauce tasted like. 🙂

1277651_10204740674134436_1288059938994981898_oNo plates, just a sheet

If you are into fine dining, this place isn’t for you. They don’t have plates here. Just the white cartolina-like paper. I didn’t like this as well as the paper melts when you put sauce into it. Eating with hands will also be messy, so prepare to bear with it.

If I were to rate, I would give it a 4 out of 5. Overall, we get what we paid for. We were so full and glad we were. If you are into seafood, this place is for you. 🙂

10619918_10204740655133961_591039847978466902_oBye and watch out for our food trips! 😀


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