Review: Etude House Petite Darling Eyes Single Eyeshadow in Gray

I bought this from Genzel, one of my favorite bloggers, during her blog sale. 🙂 I actually bought a lot from her blog sale (including the Clinique dual lipstick!) and I’m really really happy that I did.

This eyeshadow has a lot of cons but I like to keep it still. But before that, I’ll tell you what I like about it. First, it’s small enough to be included in your makeup kit. It is at most 2 inches in diameter. Second, I super love the packaging. It is so intricate and fancy. I also love that the top portion is transparent so that you can immediately see what is inside. Next, I love the form of the eyeshadow itself. It is not just a flat eyeshadow, it has a design, get it? 🙂 And lastly, it has microshimmers that brightens up the eyes, yet the glitters are small enough to not irritate my eyes.

DSC03505_FotorWhat I didn’t like about this product is that it is not that pigmented. Here’s a photo I took swatching it on my hand.

DSC03503_FotorAs you can see, it is not that pigmented even if I swiped a lot of layers already. I think I did 5 layers to get this color. Another thing I didn’t like is that it is hard to blend. The moment I’ve put the eyeshadow in a part of my lid, it stays there. I do a lot of brushing for it to look flat. So when using this, be sure to use a little amount so as to not have patches on the lids. Lastly, it doesn’t last long. After an hour or so, it already fades.

If I were to rate this product, I would give it a 3 out of 5. If this would cost Php 300+, I would definitely not buy it. But since I bought this in a blog sale, this will stay in my makeup collection. 🙂 Have you tried this one?


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