Review: Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo

I got the Watsons Volumizing Treatment Shampoo (P189.00 for 400 ml; Buy 1 Take 1) as a prize for being the Commenter of the Month at This comes in a huge pump bottle so the price is really worth it. More about the product after the cut.

I would go straight reviewing just because I like it. Haha. So, I’m almost done with this bottle after a month but I’ve been using this with my mother and 2 siblings. That’s a lot right? This product really comes a long way. It smells good as well, not too overpowering. The solution is foamy enough to make me feel like my hair is soft and smooth. 🙂 I use this with a conditioner from another brand so I cannot really say its effect on my hair. But generally, it’s good. It comes in a pump, so the solution comes out easily.


Enjoy a salon treatment for your hair at home! Watsons Beer Treatment Shampoo is formulated with Beer and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein. It cleanses and adds volume to your hair, leaving it full of bounce and vitality after use.

The shampoo is somewhat silky white, which I like. I like the texture as well, not too heavy on the hair. I don’t have anything negative to say though. 🙂 So I guess that’s it. 🙂


If I were to rate this product, I would give it a 5 out of 5. If you want quality products at an affordable price, you should check Watsons brand products. They usually have Buy 1 Take 1 sale. 🙂 Super worth it.


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