Review: Glitzy girl eyeshadow

Hi everyone! I’m so busy today, yet I really squished my time just to write this review. So expect this post to be a short one. 🙂 Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the Glitzy girl eyeshadow (P100.00) which I ordered from Avon way way back. One of the first makeup I bought! 🙂


I love this palette because the colors are so pigmented (will be shown in the next picture). I like the combination of colors, so chic and girly. I’ve been using this for years already and yet I haven’t finished it. 🙂 The palette is also small enough to be included in your everyday makeup kit.

The eyeshadows also have microshimmers which gives an instant highlight effect, yet the shimmers are not irritating! 🙂


Color swatches, (from L-R) white, blue green, pink, violet

See how colorful the pigments are? I’ve swiped this once and see the good color payoff. 🙂

What’s lacking from this product is the name of the shades. Just a minor thing but for eyeshadow enthusiasts, this might be crucial. It also doesn’t have a mirror and applicator. This is also fine with me as I use a different brush for eyeshadows but again, for others, this is a no no. The colors might be too childish for some, as the trend nowadays are neutral colors.

If I were to review this palette, I would give it a 4 out of 5. 🙂 So there, until my next review. I’ll try my best to post something tomorrow!


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