Review: Keratin Pure Daily Treatment

Have you noticed that Keratin treatments (e.g. Keratin blowout) are nowadays popular in salons? And if you have been buying through Instagram, a lot of sellers also sell Keratin treatments? I wonder why was that.


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Disclaimer: That girl is not me. 🙂

Through research, I’ve learned that Keratin is a natural component of hair, in fact, the key structural component of both hair and nails (; It gives shape to our hair and makes our hair look either smooth or frizzy.

To test the wonders of Keratin, I used the Keratin Pure daily treatment which I got from My Bare Skin Specialist.


Keratin Pure will make your hair soft, shiny and manageable with continuous usage. (from My Bare Skin Specialist facebook page)

It doesn’t have instructions on how to use it, but for me, I used it everyday, in replacement of my conditioner. So after shampoo, I use Keratin Pure and leave it on for 2-3 minutes. During weekends, I leave it on for 5-10 minutes, for better absorption. Then after that, I wash it off with water, just like what I do with normal conditioners.

My verdict? I am so impressed with this product. With just 1 wash, it made my hair softer and it tamed my frizzy hair. After using it for more than 3 weeks, my hair got more manageable that I minimized using hair polish to hide my frizz. I think the Aloe Vera extract that is included in the product also helped saving my hair. 🙂


The treatment has a subtle smell which is not irritating to the nose. It is also economical to use as I applied small amount to cover my hair. And the best thing about this is that it is easy to rinse off, both off the hair and the hands. I find it irritating when conditioners leave that slimy and slippery feeling on my hands after using them. And I’m glad Keratin Pure isn’t like that.

The only thing that it lacks is the instructions for usage which I pointed out a while ago. That’s a super minor thing so I don’t mind. Other than that, I love this treatment.


If I were to rate this product, I would give it a 5 out of 5. 🙂 I didn’t expect to be amazed with this one, but surprisingly it did. 😀 I can now say that I’m a Keratin fan as well.

For more inquiries about this product, you can check out My Bare Skin Specialist‘s facebook page (click the name to be directed to the page). You can also check out the page for other products that would suit your needs. 🙂


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