Event: BDJ Box Beauty Soiree Holiday Polish

Hi everyone! This would be my first event post so please bear with me if I lack some details or what not. Anyway, this happened a long time ago already, specifically last November 22, 2014. But I still wanted to share this with you guys before I attend another BDJ Beauty Soiree this year, and that will be this coming Sunday already! I’m really really excited. 🙂


Complimentary snacks as we waited for the program to start! 🙂 Thank you Serenitea for this!

So there, the event is in cooperation with Revlon and Serenitea. It was held at Serenitea in BTTC Center, Greenhills. I wasn’t familiar with the area so I searched it on Google Maps. Fortunately, I didn’t get lost since I only commute. 🙂 And I was at the venue before 1:00 pm. At first, I got so shy because almost all the girls there know each other already and this was my first time attending the event. But later on, I got to talk with my seatmates (forgot to take a picture though because I’m shy. :/ ).


Materials that we shared. 🙂

Serenitea served us chicken chops and our favorite milk teas. Such an awesome snack. I was really really full at that time. The place is kinda small though for us. We’re kinda squished but I didn’t mind. 🙂 Each table has a nail art set that we get to share with each other. There are brushes, dotting tools, tissues, acetone, and nail polishes. The only thing that we got solo are the dotting tools and sponge. 🙂



Loot bags!

The program started past 1:00 pm so as to wait for other participants. The guest speaker was a fellow nail art enthusiast Ninna Dujunco. She’s so pretty. 🙂 And she’s so patient in teaching everyone about the nail art. She taught us 5 designs: Christmas tree, Reindeer, Penguin, Snowman and Snowflakes. Since the Holidays were near then, the theme is really perfect. She showed a step by step instructions on how to do those. The camera didn’t take the lighting well so I decided to just not include it.



Ms. Ninna Dujunco. 🙂

Wonder what I did to my nails? 🙂



I wasn’t able to do the reindeer because there’s no brown nail polish. Anyway, I super love the event. I really enjoyed it, plus I gained more friends! I was also able to take home 4 nail polishes from the Colorstay Gel Envy line. I’m really really happy. 😀


Photo from BDJ Box’s instagram page; Find me!

Thank you BDJ Box for such an awesome event. Can’t wait to attend the first BDJ Beauty Soiree for this year! 🙂


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