Review: Clinique Water Shine Lipstick in Rouge Flamboyant

Without further introductions I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts about the Clinique lipstick (P100.00) which I bought in Cubao. This lipstick is included in my haul post which I shared with you days ago.


As you can see from the picture above, the packaging is kinda not good already. Maybe these are rejects, that’s why they are priced cheap. This has a pricier version with no defects.


I bought the Rouge Flamboyant Shade (223). I love this lipstick because, aside from being affordable, it glides easily on the lips. I like the color as well, orangey with microshimmers. The color is buildable too. It didn’t dry out my lips as well.


Downside is first the packaging. The color at the bottom didn’t reflect the true color of the lipstick. It also didn’t last long on my lips. After an hour or so, it fades already.


Color swatch, (L-R) One swipe, two swipes, three swipes

That’s pretty much it. If I were to rate this lipstick, I would give it a 3 out of 5. A bit so-so for me. 🙂 I bought another Clinique product and I’m loving it so far. So watch out for my review about it. 🙂


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