Review: Dove Basics

I’ve been loving Dove ever since I’ve tried their soap. And when they released their shampoos and conditioners, I didn’t hesitate to try it too. Same with the body wash! 🙂

First up is the deeply nourishing body wash. It’s smells good and gentle to the skin. It’s so foamy that you don’t need to consume a lot. I love using this every now and then.


The shampoo and conditioner both smell alike and they both smell fresh. The two products are a perfect pair. The shampoo kept my hair nourish and protected from damage, while the conditioner kept my hair soft and smooth. The shampoo is foamy but you may need a little bit more for longer hair. The conditioner is easy to rinse but don’t expect it to be as slippery as other conditioners. 🙂



As for these three, I would rate it a 5 out of 5. The free pouch is another plus! I just bought this set for P299.00 and I have used it for more than 2 months. Such a great deal right? 🙂

How about you? Have you scored any great deals lately? 🙂


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