Travel: Valentine’s Date Part 1 – Pinto Art Museum

To celebrate Valentine’s day, we decided to check Pinto Art Museum, which is super near our house. We went there last February 15 and not 14 so as to prevent the traffic; we went to NIU by Vikings after (review of that soon). A lot of our friends have already been there and yet they are from Manila. But us, who are in Antipolo already, didn’t understand that hype earlier. 🙂

PS: Another photo loaded post. 🙂

On how to get there, just ride a jeep to Antipolo, and ride a tricycle to Pinto. Just tell the driver the place and they already know where to go. 🙂 The regular entrance costs P150.00 and there’s a discount for students and senior citizens. However, photo shoots cost more, P5000.00. You will be paying at the souvenir shop.


Souvenir shop where you can buy shirts and even artifacts

The receptionist reminded us not to change our clothes as that would be considered as a photo shoot and will be charged more. I was thinking why she said that, maybe because I was in a dress and have makeup? Haha. Anyway, there were a lot of people when we visited the place, and there were 2 groups having a photo shoot. Pretty busy.

We decided to go on our own on exploring the place. The signage on where to go first is not that visible though. :/ And there isn’t a clear map or signs on where to go next. Good thing the place isn’t that huge for us to get lost. 🙂

Now let’s proceed and what we saw. You’ll first see the small chapel (or the place that was once a chapel). It was so magnificent. I wonder how it looked like when it was operational.



The right side of the chapel

And then we went to the Museum of Indigenous Art. There were a lot of artifacts, Bul-ol, and fabrics.



Indigenous necklaces


Different shapes and sizes of Bul-ol, as well as the different fabrics (on the wall)

There were also sleeping quarters called Casitas as we roamed around. After that, we went to this section where there are lots of sculptures and painting. I was searching for the name of the section but I can’t seem to find it. :/ Below are some of the coolest pieces for me. 🙂


Super cool wheel chair


A fetus inside a shell sculpture


A huge graffiti


An interactive roulette with Filipino characteristics; Paulo landed on Malungkot.


Isn’t this cute? 🙂


Wire sculpture of a couple. I remember doing wire sculpture during high school. And it was super hard. :/


There was this other section with lots of paintings as well. And there were rocks embedded on the floor. So naturalistic.


This is a whole room filled with colorful paintings


A sub-section


Me, posing same as with the girl. Haha

Lastly, we went to the section beside the souvenir shop which I believe is still in progress. There were some parts blank and the paintings are widely distributed.



One thing that caught our attention were the beds that were present in most sections. I just don’t know what that means, but there were really lots of beds around. A few have no mattress but most of it have one. Some even have pillows!



There were parrots too!



And lastly, here are the photos I wanted to share. 🙂




So there. If you want to see more photos, you can check our album HERE. Hope you can visit this place too! Your visit would definitely be worth it. I’m not an artsy person but I really enjoyed the visit. 🙂 Pinto Art Museum is open everyday except Mondays, from 9 am to 5 pm. You can check out their Facebook page HERE. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂



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