Event: BDJ Box Beauty Soiree – All Things Kawaii

Hi everyone. I wasn’t able to post something yesterday as I was busy at work. Today is as busy as ever, but I had a few time to spare to share with you my second Beauty Soiree experience of the year. 🙂 You can also check out the first 2015 Beauty Soiree event HERE.

The event was held last Saturday, February 28, at Serenitea BTTC Center in Greenhills, San Juan, same venue as with the Holiday Polish event of BDJ Box as well. The program has the theme All Things Kawaii, which aimed to inform us about the Kawaii trends nowadays. First group of speakers were Vern and Verniece Enciso, sisters who are beauty and lifestyle bloggers.


Vern and Verniece looked so pretty in person. 🙂 I was actually amazed seeing them. I didn’t take a picture with them because I would look so ugly. Haha. Anyway, they shared us some tips on how to use Mandom products to do kawaii looks. Mandom is the company that brought us Bifesta, Heavy Rotation, Sunkiller, Heroine Make, and other kawaii brands. The sister bloggers shared with use their tips on how to achieve flawless face, how to maintain permed hair, how to create curls, and other beauty and hair tips.


Bellas battling for the most kawaii look. 🙂

They even had games for us Bellas. They gave out their book as prizes to the winners.

After their talk, we had a short break and we also had our snacks courtesy of Serenitea!


Ice cream milk tea and chicken pops

Before we went on to the next speakers, the representatives from Bifesta and Sunkiller shared with us how the said products work.



The next group of speakers were from Kawaii Philippines, a group of kawaii enthusiasts. They had a very interactive session in which they taught us how to make our own ribbon ponytail. 🙂 That was fun!


The sad thing about this event is that we didn’t take home a loot bag. Every bella was so disappointed. We only got to bring home a small eco bag. :/


Anyway, good thing is that I got more friends again. 🙂 I always find new friends in every event that I have attended. 🙂


Photo gotten from Liriel Romero

Until the next event girls! 🙂


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