Review: Maxipeel Facial Wash

Hi lovelies! This would be a quick post as I’m attending a much-awaited event – Ms. Liz of ‘s 7th blog anniversary. I’m really really excited. Let’s now proceed to the review.


I have the Maxipeel Facial Wash in a small tube and I brought this during my travel. I like that this is very handy and affordable at less than P30.00. It has a subtle smell which is good for those who are smell sensitive. It is foamy as well.


Fine print

But, I didn’t like using this facial wash as it made my face super dry after using it. As in my face would flake, especially in the area between my brows. I even need to apply lots of moisturizer on that area just to avoid the flaking. :/ I tried using a small amount because I thought I was using a lot. But the effect was the same. I just used it when I’m not going outdoors.

Overall, this product is a 1 out of 5 for me. The quality is sacrificed by the price. I was really disappointed with this one. :/


4 thoughts on “Review: Maxipeel Facial Wash

  1. Aww so sayang naman. My mom’s friend in australia super like ito, nagpapabili from us when my parents visited here but we can’t find any kahit sa watsons, san mo nabili sis?


  2. Meron din palang Maxi Peel na facial wash. Buti 30 pesos lang. Saka mahirap gamitin ang Maxi Peel hindi ka pwede magbilad sa araw. Ang sakit sa balat.

    Yung exfoliant cream yung ginamit ko previously stingy sa umpisa pero naglighten yung face ko.


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