My JergensSkinStoryxBDJ

Perks of being a Belle De Jour Power Planner holder, or what we call Bella, include lots of free coupons that can be used for discounts and freebies. Upon browsing the 2015 coupon booklet, (yes, they finally separated the coupons from the planner this year!) I saw that Jergens is offering a free gift pack by following simple steps.

All I had to do was to share my Jergens Story on their Facebook Page, together with the picture of the coupon. And after that, they will send you a thank you message and instructions on how to claim the Jergens gift pack.


Super simple right? 🙂 I just shared that I’ve known Jergens because of my mom. The packaging was different then. But when other brands emerged we got to somewhat tried those new brands. I’m now happy that Jergens came back with a new packaging and new formulation as well.


Jergens Gift Pack: small tote bag containing 2 Jergens moisturizer

So for other Bellas out there, have you tried doing this as well? 🙂


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