Food: Chicken and Beer in Mckinley

I have lots of food review backlogs so if you noticed, I lately reviewed more restaurants than products. Once I’m done with my backlogs, I’ll get back to product reviews. 🙂

Right after Ms. Liz’s blog anniversary event in Central Square BGC, my boyfriend and I decided to have dinner somewhere near the said place. Honestly, Chicken and Beer wasn’t our first choice. He’s really rooting for Mazza, a kebab resto. But then upon arriving at the area, Mazza was unfortunately closed. :/ So he suggested to try Chicken and Beer. 🙂


We arrived at the place at around 5:30 pm. There’s no customer when we arrived. The place is a bit small, but it has a second floor so the space with suffice. There are a few decorations on the walls too. Basically, the place is really for inuman. Don’t expect it to be fancy. 🙂


I just want to commend the buzzer placed in every table. It’s their way to call the waiters. Ang galing! 🙂


Paulo ordered Classic Chicken Bulgalbi set (P215.00). The chicken is simply grilled and drizzled by some spices. It’s a bit bland for me, maybe because I like flavorful food. But Paulo liked it. It has a bit of bitterness due to the spices.


As for me, I ordered the Yang-Nyum Chicken set (P225.00). It tasted like Buffalo Wings actually. It’s a bit spicy, salty yet sweet at the same time. It has huge serving too!


For dessert we got Korean ice cream for just P40.00 each! There are fruit flavored ones but we chose the chocolate flavored ice cream. It has the right amount of sweetness kaya hindi nakakaumay (if you know what that means).


Ice cream!!!


Overall I really enjoyed eating here. 🙂 The chicken is surprisingly good as well as the ice cream! The prices are affordable as well. I would love to be back here to try the burgers and the other chicken sets. So with that, I give Chicken and Beer a 4 out of 5. If the classic chicken wasn’t that bland, I would give it a 5.


What are your thoughts about Chicken and Beer? Where have you eaten out lately? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Food: Chicken and Beer in Mckinley

  1. I’ve eaten here once dito sa Alabang. Huge servings and masarap naman. I will visit nga ulit this month kasi last year pa ung last ko 😀 I’ll try ung order mo 😀


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