Review: Covergirl Smoky Shadowblast in Citrus Flair

At last! A makeup review. I missed doing this. Because my makeup collection is growing, I’m overwhelmed and I can’t decide which one to use and review first. 🙂

Now I decided to share with you my thoughts about the Covergirl dual eyeshadow which I bought from ebay. 🙂 I got curious on how to use it and how it would look like in person.


There’s an instruction on how to use it at the packaging. Though you need to memorize it because this packaging is the one that you’ll throw eventually.


This is the step 1. The color is more of olive green and has microshimmers. It has a round tip which, by common sense, can tell you that it is for the whole lid. You can use this color alone. The formula is creamy.


As for the step 2, you will notice the flat tip. The color is light to copperish brown. This is intended to be used in lining the lash line and/or the crease. Same as with step 1, the formula is creamy and it has microshimmers in it.


The eyeshadow is not that pigmented yet I love using it when doing a subtle but colorful eye look. The pair works great. The creaminess is not intense and both of them are easy to blend.

As I have mentioned, the color is not that pigmented. That’s the only con for me.

In terms of quality, the product is so so for me. Overall, I give this eyeshadow a 3 out of 5. It’s a good thing to have, but not so okay for me to hoard. 🙂

How about you, have you tried any Covergirl Smoky Shadowblast? 🙂


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