SM Ladies’ Night Haul

Last April 15, I was one of the lucky girls who had the chance to experience the first SM Ladies’ Night in SM Makati. I won a P3,000.00 worth of GC from Miss PopQuiz’s IG giveaway. 🙂 So what is the SM Ladies’ Night?

During that night, from 6 to 9 pm, all GTW by SM and SM Woman merchandise were on 50% of the regular price. Such a huge saving right? Other brands also joined the sale like Coco Cabana.


I went to SM Makati at around 5 pm. Since I was an hour early, what I did was to roam around the place and search for the pieces I like. So that when the clock strikes 6, I just went back to the clothes I was eyeing on earlier. This trick helped me a lot. 🙂

So what did I get from the 3k GC? 🙂 I got a total of 7 clothes, and another one for getting extra GCs. Let me show you what I bought.


Navy blue blazer from SM Woman, from P1499.75 to P749.88

That blazer is the best thing I bought. I loved it from first sight. Haha. 😀


Blue long sleeves, from P799.75 to P399.88


Blue dress, from P699.75 to P349.88

I gave that blue dress to my youngest sister and I’m so glad it fit her well.


Black origami dress, from P799.75 to P399.88

I’ve seen a girl wearing that origami dress and it was so cute so I got myself one too.


Jeans, fromP 799.75 to P399.88

I rarely see jeans in women’s section that would fit me well. Glad I found this in the SM Woman’s section. 🙂


White polo, from P799.75 to P399.88

I bought this white polo for my mom. Fortunately, I chose the right size.


Blue green long sleeves, from P599.75 to P299.88

I gave this one to my other sister. Again, I’m happy she liked it too. 🙂

So my total bill for all these clothes is P2999.09! And when you purchased P3000.00 worth of clothes, you’ll get another P300.00 GC. How cool is that? 🙂

So I bought the peach blazer for P399.88 instead of P799.75. 😀


So there’s my haul. There’s another SM Ladies’ Night that will happen tonight at SM North EDSA. So check it out later at 6-9 pm. I promise you’ll not be disappointed. 🙂

Have fun shopping!


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