BDJ Passion Series Summer Creations

The reason why I first bought my Belle de Jour Power (BDJ) Planner is that I find it so girly and pretty, but at the same time, it has features that are really useful for me. I’ve never thought that this planner would be more than that.


Until I attended a BDJ Fair. There were lots of bellas like me, lots of classes to attend to, and lots of booths to visit. It was a really fun experience and it made me want to attend more events like that. Not only that, as time goes by, I meet lots of Bellas and become friends with them. 😀

Anyway, if you have seen or read my other Events posts, you’ll notice that there are different types of BDJ events. The one I attended last Saturday, May 23, is a Passion Series, with the theme Summer Creations.


The event was held at Red Mango Katipunan. I really miss Katipunan because that was where we always go to when I was still in college. Anyway, Lyriel, Rhea and I were the first in line. Fortunately, the event started on time.


Ms. Sherikah of Red Mango Philippines

To start the event, Ms. Sherikah gave us an overview about frozen yogurt and a history of Red Mango Philippines. I love that she is so hands-on in assisting us during the activity proper!

Next, Ms. Beam of Shopartwine gave us tips on how to make our parfait pretty. She’s so enthusiastic and friendly. 🙂 I really learned a lot from her talk. The tips are awesome! 🙂


Ms. Beam Mariano of

After her first talk, it was then our time to create our own masterpiece. 🙂 I’m honest about me being not creative, and this event is not an exception. Haha.

IMG_20150523_134422We were given a sheet where we would write our desired ingredients, so that it’s easier and faster to navigate in the ingredients section! 🙂


Red mango’s ingredients!

Ms. Sherikah mentioned that we were the first ones that were allowed to go behind the counter. How cool is that! 🙂


Tadan! ABYlanche Parfait. 😛

And my parfait is not pretty. I chose ingredients kasi by how much I like it, not by how pretty and colorful it would look. I know my parfait name is not witty too. Huhu


Parfait aftermath and the materials for the next activity

For the next activity, we were taught by Ms. Beam how to doodle. She really give awesome tips, but my creative skills are really negative. Haha. We used Sharpie pens, which we got to take home btw, and red mango water bottles. Here’s my final work.


Even pre-schoolers can do my design. huhu

There were raffles at the end of the program and I was very lucky to be picked as a winner of a 3-class pass at the very first BDJ Boot Camp on June 7! Lucky right?

IMG_20150523_124148IMG_20150523_142940With fellow Bellas Lyriela and Rhealyn

I’m now excited for the BDJ Boot Camp!


Stay tuned for my next BDJ event! 🙂


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