Osaka Ohsho Megamall

We decided trying out Osaka Ohsho because I wanted to eat gyoza. We were scanning through our list of restaurants to visit and I got across Osaka Ohsho. After a week of not seeing my boyfriend (because of work), we decided to have our date on the said restaurant! 🙂 And recently, we’ve been here again because le BF missed the savory curry.First, the place is a bit dim (or yellowish).  If you’re feeling sleepy by dinner time, this place would only intensify it, if you get what I mean.Next, the place is a bit narrow too (for the SM Megamall branch).

I didn’t like one of the waitresses too, particularly NIKKI. As much as possible I don’t want to mention names but this girl offended us so much I wanted to talk to the manager. What happened was we were first seated on a small table for two. Since there were few people, we asked to be transferred to a larger table because we felt that our orders wouldn’t fit in the small table. You know what Nikki asked us first? ‘Ano pong order niyo (what were your orders?)’ Is she doubting us? That we can’t buy as many as we think we can? My boyfriend almost screamed at her. She didn’t want us to transfer table because she said they were MAXIMIZING the space, yet, we see lots of other customers seated in a 4 person table, yet they were only two! How’s that for maximizing? When we asked another waitress to let us transfer, she immediately agreed. I just forgot her name but I was really thankful to her. I would forever swear that NIKKI.

And we were right. The meal sets we ordered wouldn’t really fit the small table NIKKI first seated us. Such a bad waitress. Sorry for the rant but I just really needed to share this experience.

Fortunately, our second time here was pleasant. If it weren’t for the food, we wouldn’t be back here.

So, let’s proceed to the food. For both visits, we ordered the very same set meals, without us realizing it. 🙂 I ordered Chicken Karaage Toji set (P385.00). The set comes with 3 pcs. gyoza, miso soup, fruit plate and unlimited Japanese rice. Much like Yabu anyway.

1960877_10205244455048644_2804239472076693320_oSome might say that it’s a bit pricey. But once you see the serving, the price is rally worth. Same as with the food quality and taste. 🙂 The gyoza is really savory and has minimal wrapper, meaning full of meat. The best gyoza in the world might be an exaggeration but I can say that it’s one of the best. 🙂 I so love miso soup and I super like Osaka’s version. The fruit plate is just so so. The watermelon seemed overripe and the pineapple wasn’t sweet nor sour.

The main dish itself is really flavorful. I super love it. It tasted like katsudon but more tasty. The serving is a lot too! There’s a lot of meat and it can be shared by two. But it’s enough for one hungry person. 🙂

10903925_10205244454768637_1782784505127656512_oOn the other hand, le boyfriend ordered Pork Katsu Curry set (P425.00), since he really loves curry. It has the same inclusions as with the karaage toji set. The katsu itself was meaty and has a thin crispy breading. It has a generous amount of curry sauce too. The sauce has the right amount of spiciness and other seasoning.

10749912_10205244451848564_5650620109069743059_oFor drinks we ordered Bottomless House Blend Iced Tea (P98.00) and Japanese Milk Tea with Pearls (P125.00). Both drinks have the traditional tea taste in it, not the commercialized sweetened tea. They’re both served in a huge mug too, which I find quite heavy to lift. Haha.

We planned to order some dessert after but upon finishing the set meals, we figured out that we can’t order anymore. We were both so full! 🙂 Great food with huge servings indeed.

I would rate Osaka Ohsho’s food a 5 out of 5. But the bad waitress herself, I would give her a 1 for customer service. Remember her name and do not ask requests from her.

10914787_10205244454248624_8907267523082798557_oSee? 1 set meal could occupy 1 small table already.

I really recommend this restaurant if you want a good Japanese food. Oh, they have solo meals too if you don’t want the set meals. 🙂


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