MyChoice Pure Herbal Soap

I love buying groceries. I feel some kind of satisfaction when I get to buy something I like. And I like things that are cute. So when I saw My Choice Herbal Soap in Waltermart (~P60.00), it got my attention and bought it. 🙂

I bought the lemon variant. It has other variants too like papaya and cucumber. So what are the things I loved and I hated about the soap?


MyChoice Pure Herbal Soap in Lemon (P60.00)

I love its smell. It’s a bit sour smelling like lemon but the smell is tolerable. The soap is huge too. Of course it looks so cute with the white cubes inside it. It’s also herbal so it’s good to our skin. The soap is foamy as well.

Fine print

Fine print

On the other hand, I didn’t like the soap because it dissolves too fast. Like I have finished the soap in just a week! It also has this sugar sprinkles upon opening and it kinda annoys me. :-/ And lastly, the white cubes that I said was cute? They fall off eventually. 😦 When the cubes fall off, it becomes hard for it to use. I ended up throwing the rest.


I’m quite disappointed with this soap. Maybe I was just expecting much because it’s a herbal soap. Anyway, I would give this a 3 out of 5. Didn’t notice the lightening effect too since I only used it for a week.

Has anyone tried out this soap too? What are your thoughts about it? 🙂


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