Ebay Haul – Jnlink777

I am always curious if ebay sellers are really legit. A lot of people are giving bad feedbacks with the online store. But, when I was looking for products I really wanted, I only found them on an online seller on ebay. So I decided to give it a try.

I bought makeup products from jnlink777. I am featuring this online store in ebay because it sells lots of products at an affordable price. The products are not limited to makeups too. It sells clothes, accessories, toys and perfumes among others. And they’re not fake too! I will not enumerate what I bought, I’ll just show a collective picture.

DSC04334What I love about this store is it’s easy to transact with. They do combined shipping so you’ll save more. 🙂 And the products arrive fast enough, once you’ve paid your balance. 🙂

DSC04324The package is well wrapped too! Since I bought makeup products, the seller made sure it wouldn’t be broken upon delivery. The products are in a bubble wrap, and it was wrapped lots of times. I was really impressed. I had a hard time removing it though. Haha. But it’s okay because the products arrived in a very good condition.

DSC04326So if you want to explore online stores, check out jnlink777‘s online store on Ebay. 🙂 Happy shopping


4 thoughts on “Ebay Haul – Jnlink777

  1. I’m slightly less worried about buying from online sellers when it comes to US drugstore products. I heard there were Maybelline fakers out there, but those I see are usually authentic.

    Haven’t tried buying from ebay, tbh. I went straight for the online sellers recommended by bloggers. I also get mine from the occasional blog sale.


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