My Bare Skin Specialist Soaps (Triple Whitening and Bleaching)

Bath time is one of the best me-times. It’s the time when we get to clean ourselves while we indulge in different bath products.

Remember how I love the My Bare Skin Specialist Keratin Pure Treatment? Now I got the chance to try out another product from the brand, their best-selling triple whitening soap and bleaching soap.

MBSS Triple Whitening Soap

MBSS Triple Whitening Soap

The triple whitening soap (P80.00) has kojic, and glutathione as an effective ingredient for whitening. Unlike other whitening soaps, MBSS soap is not drying. In fact, it moisturizes the skin because of the virgin coconut oil content.


I so love how the soap looked like, ombre layers of orange and white. It’s also small enough to be grabbed. It isn’t slippery too. As for the whitening effect, I can’t tell because I’ve used it for 2 weeks only. But what I love the most is that my skin feels so soft and smooth right after using it! It has a subtle smell that is papaya-ish. This soap is good for those who are sensitive to smell. 😊

The only con for me is that it kinda melts easily while using it. I was expecting it to last up to a month but it didn’t. But it won’t melt easily when you leave it in the bathroom. 😊

MBSS Bleaching Soap

MBSS Bleaching Soap

Next is the bleaching soap (P80.00). This soap is for scars, pigmentation and other skin blemishes. It also has virgin coconut oil to keep our skin moisturized. This soap has a subtle smell as well. Same as with the triple whitening soap, the bleaching soap made my skin soft and smooth.


It’s a bit weird though that water will turn gray after you rinse. Maybe it’s because of the soap color. Other than that, I have nothing to complain about. 😊

I’m pretty impressed with the soaps. I can’t wait to try the other variants. I would give both soaps a 4 out of 5.

Check out MBSS’ page on Facebook to see other soaps and products that would address your skin concerns. 😊


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