Nail Art: Red Confetti

It’s been a while since I last posted about nails. So I wanted to start the week posting about something I really love doing, painting my nails. 😁 (so much -ing there. Haha)

IMG_20150705_211344My nails above may look really simple if you have a red nail polish with confetti on it already. But I don’t, so I have to use what I have. 😊

I wanted to add sparkle to a simple red nail polish by topping it off with confetti. Check out the steps on how I did my nails above. 😊


Products used:

  1. Caronia clear top coat
  2. The Body Shop colour crush in relish the moment
  3. Bobbie confetti polish in blast and bloom
  4. Revlon matte top coat


  1. Don’t forget to clean, trim and file your nails before applying anything. This would be healthy for your nails.
  2. After cleaning, I applied caronia top coat as my base coat. You can use any other base coat as long as it won’t overpower your chosen color as your polish. Let your base coat dry.
  3. Apply 1-2 coats of red nail polish. As for me, I applied only 1 as the color is so opaque already. Let it dry again.
  4. Dab the confetti nail polish on top of the red. Dabbing is more effective in applying glitters or confettis. You’ll end up not having confettis if you swipe it.
  5. To finish my nails, I decided to have it matte by applying matte top coat.

So that’s it. You might think that it’s kinda tedious. But for someone like me, it’s a satisfaction and an accomplishment. 😊 Hope you guys liked it.



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