Perfect Hair Color at Vivere Salon

I had long hair for the longest time. The last time I had short before now is that when I was in high school. So it’s a big decision for me to cut it short. So one day, with my family and my boyfriend’s approval, I had my hair cut at a nearby salon in our house. Fortunately, it turned out as I expected it to be. 😊 So then, I thought why not sport a new color for a total hair change?

Permanent hair color GC from Ms. Martha of

Permanent hair color GC from Ms. Martha of

Another fortunate event happened because I won a GC from Ms. Martha during her blog anniversary! Now I don’t need to think of the money I need to spend. Just need to think of the color. 😊 I did my research and gave myself at least 3 options. In the end, I wanted a somewhat brownish color, so that it wouldn’t be so loud.


Short hair. 😊

I am both scared and excited on the day I had to color my hair. I thought I will just recolor my hair at home if ever it turned not so okay. That’s how scared I am.

So I went to Vivere Salon in Megamall, the most accessible branch for me. The place is a bit small for me. Plus there were a lot of customers inside so I am a bit hesitant at first if they could deliver what I want.


After a few minutes, I am already on the chair, choosing the color I want. I told the stylist (which I forgot the name, huhu) what color I want to achieve and he gladly personalized the color for me. So I don’t really have the name of the shade. It’s a bit like hazelnut but more orange. As I saw the assistant mix the color, I’m so nervous because it was so orange! I don’t want to have bright orange hair. 😐


After waiting for about an hour or more, the assistant washed my hair. I am so afraid to look at the mirror. And then voila, I smiled as I liked my hair so much! It has an orange tone but still not so loud to be worn in the office. 😊 I’m a very satisfied customer.

My hair right after washing

My hair right after washing


My hair 2 days after

Of course my hair was better right after salon because of the blow dry, etc. I can sport that as well if I have lots of time to do it. But overall, I’m really really happy with the color. Everyone that noticed it likes it too! Thank you Vivere Salon for making my hair color experience so memorable and happy. 😊

Check out Vivere Salon for your next salon trip and the staff might surprise you. 😊


4 thoughts on “Perfect Hair Color at Vivere Salon

  1. I love the color I got from Vivere (from Martha din; Hi Abby!), so much so that nanghinayang talaga ako when the root grew back. I went as light as I possibly could without bleach. Though I know it would be hell to maintain, I just really wanted to try it out.


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