Media Night with Lamudi PH and

Last September 3, I was lucky to be invited to a media night by Ms. Pia, the media relations officer of Lamudi Philipines, the country’s most visited real estate platform. I am so excited because that was my first event invitation as a blogger! I hope I would be invited to more events soon. 🙂


Anyway, if you might have noticed, a lot of establishments are being built as day pass by. There goes subdivisions, commercial establishments, houses and of course, condominiums. We can see lots of these especially in the metro. And to make our lives easier, Lamudi Philippines thought of using the internet as part of the buying and selling of real estate properties, which then gave birth to


During the media night, we were first treated by Lamudi team to a lavish dinner courtesy of TGI Friday’s in Greenbelt 3. I had the time to relax and eat, and at the same time, meet the other bloggers. After that, we were invited to the Cinema to learn more about Lamudi and watch a movie! 🙂


(L-R) Henry Winter, Transition Manager of Lamudi Global, and Jacqueline van den Ende, Managing Director of Lamudi Philippines


Jacqueline and Henry introduced themselves first and shared with us how they got to where they are right now. I admire them for being so humble and have this strong sense of entrepreneurial skills. At a young age, Jacqueline flew from Netherlands to the Philippines and took the challenge of starting Lamudi in a foreign country.


Lamudi started in 2013, as part of the Rocket Internet venture, the online global venture that gave us other big names in online platform such as Lazada, Zalora, Foodpanda and Pricepanda among others. Lamudi is not only available here in the Philippines but in lots of countries worldwide including Middle East, Africa and Latin America, giving us 900,000+ real estate listings around the world.


Lamudi started as a 2-man team, but later on grew to a company with ~80 employees. They really need more people now on the team as their company grew even more! This year, Lamudi PH acquired it’s biggest competitor,, making them both number 1 in the market.


Data showing online visitors of real estate websites


Visitors’ data combining Lamudi PH and was established earlier than Lamudi, which was on Septmeber 2010. It is one of the leading real estate online and print brand in the Philippines. The site showcases properties for sale and for rent, as well as relevant news in the real estate industry.


Metrobank Housing Loan Calculator in Lamudi website

To make Lamudi PH even more user-friendly, they have partnered with Metrobank to come up with a loan calculator. So for Metrobank clients out there, getting a property would be easy with Lamudi. 🙂 I hope in the future they get to partner with other banks as well.

They ended their presentation real quick as they want us bloggers and media partners to enjoy the night. 🙂 They even did a raffle before the movie. Unfortunately, I didn’t win. :/ But hey, I still enjoyed the night! 🙂

Lastly, we watched Transporter Refueled as part of Lamudi PH and’s treat. 🙂 I don’t want to spoil, but I can tell you it’s a must watch. 🙂


Movie time!

Again, thank you Lamudi PH and for the treats. 🙂 If you want to check what the sites have to offer, you can follow the links below:

Lamudi Philippines:


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