Balboa Pizza Pasta Steaks (Shangrila)

Haven’t been in Shangrila for a while just because it’s a lot easier and more convenient to just go to Megamall instead. It’s a commuter problem actually but that’s the truth. So one day, after work, my dear boyfriend and I decided to tick another restaurant off our list, Balboa.


To keep it short, the Shangrila branch is a bit small and dim. There are unique pieces displayed like the clock and the head statue showed in the picture above. The place is just okay for me. I just find the chairs’ a bit heavy to be moved. 😉


I like it that the menu has pictures of the food itself. It might not look exactly as it was featured, but you will surely have an idea of what it is. Just like me, the food names are a bit unfamiliar to me, like the Bellota and Mallorca. 🙂

We went to Balboa for the eggs benedict, which was on‘s top eggs benedict. So that’s what I’ve ordered. There were two types, parma ham and smoked salmon, and I chose the former. 🙂


Parma Ham Eggs Benedict, P328.00

I really don’t know what to expect with the Eggs Benedict because I have no idea what it is. I like the presentation as it’s really fancy. It is made of raw ham and soft boiled eggs with cheese and vegetables. I find it healthy but the taste is a bit bland to me. Maybe I just don’t know how it really tastes like. The cheese is a bit thick and more of the supermarket cheese, so nothing tasted new. Overall, it’s a so so for me.


Manhattan, P388.00

As for Paulo, he ordered Manhattan, which has bacon and ground chuck as meat, with lettuce, tomato, onions, and cheddar. It also comes with fries. The chuck is really meaty and tasty. The burger has sufficient amount of bacon too. It tastes good yes but I think it’s a bit overpriced, even with its size. Well burgers here range from P350.00 – P450.00. But between the two that we’ve ordered, I like this burger better.


Tiramisu, P198.00

For dessert, we got Tiramisu. The sweetness is okay, but there’s something in it that’s a bit strong. Something like liquor, which I’m not a fan of. Other than that it’s okay.

From that, I can say the food is okay, not the best yet not the worst too. When we get back here, we’ll try their steaks and pizzas. 🙂


Until my next food post! 😀


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