Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

If you have read my last post about the Nivea Exfoliating wipes, you know how much I love Nivea wipes that I wished I hoarded more. It’s so affordable yet it really removes makeup well. With that, I also promised to blog about the gentler version of the wipes, Nivea Gentle Facial Cleansing wipes.


Nivea gentle facial cleansing wipes, P140.00

Both facial wipes have the same smell. The only difference is the texture. This one is plain and smooth. Since this one is gentler, it’s less effective in removing waterproof makeup.


I love the gentle variant because it can easily remove my everyday light makeup. I need only 1 sheet to remove my whole makeup. It smells good too.


This one can be used everyday because of the smoothness of it. You won’t risk your skin being scraped off. I use this 5 times a week, even when I have no makeup to remove. 🙂


I also love that the packaging is good. The sticky cover stays sticky enough until the last wipe, keeping it moist. The wipes are easy to dispense too.


Finally, I like Nivea wipes because the cloth is wide enough to cover for the whole face. It’s almost twice the size of its packaging. Same as what I did with the exfoliating wipes, I do the folding technique to maximize its use.


Left – no makeup, right – with makeup


How much makeup it removed

If you would ask if I would repurchase, definitely yes! It’s a 4.5 out of 5 for me (the .5 for the inability to remove waterproof mascara). It’s affordable, it removes makeup easily and it’s widely available. This is perfect for travel too!

I just hope they would improve on the packaging. It’s okay for now but it could be better. Nonetheless, this is a great buy. 🙂

If you haven’t tried this one, you already should. This one’s perfect for lazy days! 😀


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