Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Eastwood

One Sunday afternoon, we were supposed to eat in a restaurant in Eastwood that was on our list (list of restaurants to go to). But unfortunately, it was closed already. So we checked our list again, and there we saw Blackbeard’s Seafood Island.


I find this restaurant so bad. Why? First, I find the place kinda gloomy. For a place that is known for its boodle feasts, I find the place a bit sad looking. Maybe it’s because of the lights, or the decoration, I don’t know. That’s what I felt.



Second, the food was not good. At least for the grilled one. We ordered bulalo and grilled liempo. When the food arrived, the liempo and rice were cold. It seemed like it was heated for just 10 seconds. :/ The bulalo was hot but it tasted like full of preservatives and condiments. It tasted so artificial. 😦


Grilled Liempo, P189.00


Islas de las Filipinas Bulalo, P379.00 (good for 2)

Next, the service was slow. There were a few customers at that time, yet they haven’t delivered the food within 20-30 minutes. I would understand it if the food were cooked on the spot. But it wasn’t. We were really disappointed. 😦

Good thing the food were not that pricey. If it were, I would really be scolding them out front. I have high expectations for this place as I’ve read good reviews. Too bad I’m writing a bad one.


The next and maybe last time (if it would be another disappointment) that we would be back here, we’ll try the boodle feasts. I hope that won’t disappoint. Overall, this is a 2 out of 5 for me. :/


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