Creamsilk Hairfall Defense Conditioner

How’s your weekend? Mine’s pretty great. Spent my time with a BDJ event and bonding with family. This week might be a not so busy work week for so I hope to post more. 🙂

For today I have a short review about the Creamsilk Hairfall defense. It’s super widely available from different supermarkets and sari sari stores so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding it if you want one. You can also buy it in sachets. 🙂


Fine print

I super love the smell. It makes me want to put more conditioner to my hair. And as with all Creamsilk conditioners, I love how this variant made my hair soft and smooth. With my short hair, sometimes I don’t need to comb it. It’s also cheap so no reason not to buy it.


My only problem with it is that sometimes it’s hard to rinse. I need to spend quite a lot of water for me to feel that there is no conditioner already. It feels super slippery when not thoroughly rinsed. That’s my only con for this product.

Overall, I give this Creamsilk variant a 4 out of 5, one of my favorites actually together with the pink variant. 🙂

How about you? What’s your favorite conditioner? 🙂


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