Magnum Manila SM Aura

Before the Magnum Cafe pop-up store in SM Aura was closed, we were able to try out their dishes twice. There’s not much to choose from the non-dessert menu, so don’t expect that much. Currently, the SM Aura branch is now closed, but they’ve opened another pop-up store in SM MoA (Yey!). Anyway, let’s check out the place and the food. 🙂


Magnum Cafe has the ‘Make-your-own Magnum’ dessert bar where you can create your own Magnum dessert. You will choose your toppings, the type of Magnum ice cream, coating, and drizzle for your dessert. If you wish to do this only, you won’t be allowed to sit inside. By the way, the ‘Make-your-own Magnum’ is just P100.00 (P120.00 for the MoA branch). So affordable right? 🙂 But unfortunately, we weren’t able to do that because of the long lines. So we decided to dine inside instead. 🙂


Made of Magnum sticks!

The interior’s a bit dim but fancy. There are pictures of Magnum creations on the walls accompanied by inviting chandeliers. If you want to order main dishes but also want to make your own Magnum dessert, you can do so. As I’ve mentioned, there are limited dishes and snacks which you can order.


Magnum Burger, P400.00

The burger patty of the Magnum Burger is really meaty and juicy. The veggies are crispy and fresh. The fries serve as a good pair for the burger. However, I find it pricey for it’s size. It’s not that huge for me. But still, it’s pretty good tasting.


Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers, P180.00

I absolutely love the chicken poppers! It has the right amount of spice, salt, and sweetness. It’s crunchy yet the meat is tender. The sauce that came with it is perfect too. And this one’s affordable. 🙂


Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg, P320.00

This Carbonara has nothing special aside from the bacon and egg. Without those, this carbonara would be very normal. I find it a bit pricey too.


Cookie Dough Skillet, P250.00

For dessert, you can also order signature desserts like this Cookie Dough Skillet. This is good for 2-3 person as the cookie is so huge! This has 2 Magnum ice cream as well. The cookie is so yummy and has the right amount of chewiness. It’s pretty affordable too!


Pink Friday, P290.00

I ordered Pink Friday just because I love pink. I was actually disappointed to see only this. It has 1 Magnum ice cream only and has a tiny cheesecake. The strawberries are not that much too. This is pricey to me. The taste is just so so.


Le BF! 🙂

Overall the food was not that extraordinary. You must go here for desserts though. For me, this is a 3 out of 5. Yup, I’m not that impressed. But it’s still worth a try. 🙂


I’m not sure if the MoA store has the savory menu (non-dessert) as well, but if they do, I recommend the chicken poppers! 😀 I hope they’ll introduce new food and desserts too.

So those are my thoughts about Magnum Manila. How about you? Have you tried making your own Magnum dessert? 🙂


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