Chili’s Megamall

We have only tried eating at Chili’s twice. And we had good experience for both visits. That’s the time I realized why people kept coming back to the restaurant even though there are other cheaper alternatives.


Chili’s is one of the most popular American restaurant in the Philippines. It has lots of branches all over the country. They’re famous for having good food and quality service. Did I agree to those claims? Yes and here are the reasons why.

One thing, the food really taste great. These are what we ordered:


Classic Bacon Burger, P455.00

This burger is oh so yummy! It’s made of pure big meat. The bacon is cooked right as well, adding points to the burger. It’s a bit oily though so except added calories. 🙂 It might look small but it will really make you full. I love the fries that came with it, it is so fresh.


Monterey Chicken, P485.00

This is the best! I am just disappointed that this has no rice but it’s definitely worth ordering. The chicken meat is grilled tender and the BBQ sauce added a nice flavor. The serving is so huge I’ve only eaten half of this. 🙂


Classic Nachos, P445.00

This might be the priciest nachos I’ve ever had. But it’s definitely worth buying. The nachos are so flavorful and cheesy. The appetizer itself can already make you full. It’s really good.


Big Mouth Burger Bites, P465.00

These cute little burgers are meaty and yummy as well. These ones are easier to bite than the big burgers. I love the ranch dressing that came with it. It comes with fries and crispy onion strings too.



Molten Chocolate Cake, P395.00

I still remember how sweet this is and I love it! This one’s huge though so be prepared to be overwhelmed. 😀 The ice cream and hardened chocolate on top even made it better.

After the great food, I also love the store ambience. It’s so chill. The staff are so attentive too.

The only thing that might hinder me from going back to Chili’s is the prices of the food. I find it a bit expensive when you haven’t seen the serving of the food yet. But when you do, you’ll know that the prices are reasonable. 🙂 So that’s it.


How about you? Have you tried dining at Chili’s? Let me know about your experience. 🙂


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