Dashing Diva Glorietta

Hi guys! I’m alive, literally. The last time I posted I said I got busy with a new job. And with this post, I quit that job. Yes, I had to say goodbye to my previous job because it isn’t healthy for me anymore, physically and psychologically. In spite of that, I’m now on a two-week break so as to prepare myself with my new work in one of my dream companies. 🙂

So what’s up for today? I’m gonna share my thoughts on Dashing Diva’s service! For those of you who don’t know, Dashing Diva is one of the best nail salon and spa which originated in the US. The salon’s expertise is to prettify our nails using the latest technology. It has a growing number of branches here in the Philippines under Beauty Bar.


I had the chance to try out their All-Out Diva Manicure/Pedicure combo through a gift certificate I’ve won from The Beauty Junkee. I didn’t waste my time and visited the most accessible branch for me, which is in Glorietta 2.

According to this website, an all-out diva manicure/pedicure costs P1,550.00 and would last at least an hour. That’s kinda pricey but if you really need a ‘me-time’, I think this is one of the best. 🙂

Upon arrival at the place, I handed them the GC and they had me fill out something. I’m really happy and surprised that they didn’t treat me less than a regular customer! Two staff were in charge to assist me, one for my hands and one for my feet (forgot to ask their names though). Bare with me as I only took a few photos.


To simplify, these are the steps they did:

  1. Wash my hands and feet with soap and water.
  2. Exfoliate
  3. Massage
  4. Paraffin dip
  5. Nail polish! (you get to choose the shade)

Looked like a mummy!

The paraffin dip might hurt you if you are not used to heat, because it starts with a very hot liquid wax to cover your arms and feet. It hardens a bit and cools after a while, but the initial heat might make you stop the process. Other than that, I really felt so relaxed. 🙂


Feeling like a princess!

Am I satisfied with the service? Of course! I will give it a 5 out of 5! The staff were nice and very accommodating. The materials they used are clean. The place itself is so pretty! And, they have lots of nail polish shades to choose from. You know how I get excited when it comes to nail polish. It actually took me some time before I chose the color that I want.


The only con for me is that the services are a bit pricey. But if I would treat myself once in a while, I wouldn’t mind spending it on Dashing Diva. 🙂 I would surely come back here to try their other packages.

How about you, have you tried any of Dashing Diva’s services? Share your thoughts below. 🙂


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