Gluta White and Firm Facial Wash

I am fond of switching from one facial wash brand to another. I use a different brand almost every month. I just wanted to try which ones will work on me well. Fortunately for me, my skin does not react negatively (yet) except if a product has really harsh ingredients. One example of a brand I’ve tried is the Gluta White and Firm Facial Wash.


The product is packaged in a bottle with a pump so it is a bit unusual from the other brands of facial wash. The facial wash itself comes in a clear gel-like formula.


Gluta White and Firm Facial Wash claims to whiten skin in 2 weeks. To test this, I used the facial wash day and night everyday, until I use up all the product. I think I used it all up after a month.


My verdict, well it whitened my skin a little bit after a month, not in 2 weeks. Of course, product effectiveness differs from one person to another. And maybe, I’m already white enough to use skin whitening? 🙂 At least it did whiten my face.


Although it may not have whiten my skin that much, the facial wash made my face fresh and bright. It isn’t too heavy on the face too! A little bit of the product comes a long way as it is so foamy.

For me, it’s a 3 out of 5. I was expecting it to be more effective in whitening but it didn’t work for me that well. At least it is good in cleansing the face. 🙂

So that’s it. To check other Gluta White and Firm products, visit their Facebook page HERE. Thank you for visiting. 😀


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