DIY Hair Color using L’oreal Excellence Fashion

I find it more economical and practical to color our hair at home. Besides, I think it’s more fun to color your own hair right? 🙂 It’s a real time saver itself as I can still do something while waiting for the color to set, like coloring my nails. 🙂 So I’m really glad to discover a hair color brand that allowed me to color my hair without the help of my mom. How did I do that? I used L’oreal Excellence Fashion in Golden Nude Brown.


Complete Kit!

Before I enumerate the steps on how I did my hair color, I want to show you first how my hair looked like before the coloring.


My previous hair color was Walnut Blonde. As you can see from the picture above, my hair really needed a new color as my natural hair color was almost halfway my hair length. Back then, I had no time to drop by the salon for a 3-hour treatment so I decided to use the L’oreal kit that I got from an event. 🙂


All the instructions and product information are printed on the box and in the manual inserted with the product. Don’t forget to wear the plastic gloves included in the kit. Wear a protective cloth as well to prevent the coloring from staining your top!


I first applied the Protective Pre-color Serum on my dry hair. The serum is quite similar to leave-on conditioners in terms of smell and texture. I used as many product as possible to cover (almost) all of my hair strands. I allowed my hair to absorb the serum for about 3-5 minutes.

While waiting for the serum to be absorbed, I poured the content of the Creme Colorant into the Creme Developer. I shook the bottle until the colorant was mixed well. What I found awesome is that you can change the cap of the bottle into that comb like cap so that you can reach even the back parts of your hair. 🙂 The original cap is used to pour the coloring more precisely.


I then applied the coloring into my hair. See how thin my hair is? 🙂 I just consumed half of the product. I applied the other half to my mom’s hair. 🙂 I waited for 45 minutes for the color to settle.


Upon rinsing my hair, I only used this Protective Conditioner. It prevents the hair coloring from being rinsed off. I used the conditioner for 2 consecutive days. So how did my hair turn out?


Photo c/o Mae Balandan. Me with my Solar HR family 🙂

During the first week, the color turned out to be a shiny orangey-brown color. But after more days, the color became more subtle. It become closer to the color indicated in the box.


My hair now after 3 weeks

Overall, I liked how my hair color turned out. It’s not that far from what I have expected. It’s a 4 out of 5 for me. I would definitely buy more shades of L’oreal hair color. I really enjoyed coloring my own hair. Truly a mission accomplished!

For more information, you can visit L’oreal Paris PH’s facebook page HERE. L’oreal hair colors are available in leading supermarkets nationwide.


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