Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant – Lucky Chinatown Mall

I missed talking about food! It’s been a while since I last posted about a restaurant. Anyway, I went to Lucky Chinatown Mall a few months ago just to buy some stationery sets and a custom storage (yes you heard it right. haha). So before going to the place, I searched for a highly rated restaurant that can be found in that area only. And that’s how we ended up with Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant in Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Sincerity Restaurant

Upon arrival, it’s very obvious that it’s worth it as there’s a pretty long line. And even though the waiters can’t tell how many more minutes are they going to wait, they didn’t mind. When we were there, there are other restaurants that are not yet full. Truly intriguing. So we joined the crowd and lined up.

Sincerity Restaurant3

After around 45 minutes, we got seated. There’s nothing fancy with the menu. And since the place is pretty packed with customers, it was quite a struggle to call a waiter/waitress. Good thing we already know what we’ll order so we just said it to the waiter right away. Serving time was around 30-40 minutes. While waiting, we were served some tea.

Sincerity Restaurant1

I said to myself, all this waiting and lining up should be worth it. Well is it? Definitely yes! I didn’t expect the place to be really that fancy as the food prices are really affordable. We ordered their best-selling Sincerity fried chicken (P 160.00 for half, P 320.00 for whole), crab rice (P 150.00 for small) and BBQ spareribs (P 150.00 for small). All the food arrived fresh and hot. The chicken is definitely a 5 out of 5 for me! It has a distinct taste that I have never tasted in any other chicken before. There’s a mixture of sweetness, spiciness and saltiness in just one bite. It still tasted good even without any other condiments. The spare ribs didn’t look like spare ribs to us but it definitely tasted real good. The crab rice got me craving for more but it’s kinda stomach heavy so I decided not to order another one. It has bits of crab meat and egg mixed with it.

Sincerity Restaurant2

Our order might seem few but my boyfriend and I felt really full at that time. Definitely a 5 out of 5 in terms of food! It’s really worth the wait. My only concern is that they only have branches in Manila. So I have to travel far just to have a taste of their dishes. I hope they decide to open branches in Metro Manila too! I would be really happy with that. Haha.

If you’re in Manila, you should try this restaurant. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sincerity Cafe and Restaurant – Lucky Chinatown Mall

  1. Hmm…the Crab Rice and BBQ Spareribs look rather inviting 😀 I’ve been to their Binondo and Banawe branches (and their Robinsons Magnolia outlet), but I’ve only restricted myself to their signature Oyster Cake, 8 Treasures Machang, and Sincerity Fried Chicken. Thanks for this one! 😉


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