Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal Purifying Micellar Water 2 in 1

Whenever I go to far places (from home) such as SM Aura, I make sure that I drop by stores that I rarely see in malls where I frequently go to. And one time, I got so delighted to see an Yves Rocher store in Aura! I swatched some of their makeup but I wasn’t convinced to buy them. Then I saw this Sebo Vegetal Micellar water on their best-sellers shelf. πŸ™‚

Yves Rocher1

I got the Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal Purifying Micellar Water 2 in 1 for P 495.00. I got the combination to oily skin variant. I used it as a light makeup remover and as a cleanser whenever I don’t put makeup on. I was supposed to try out the whole Sebo Vegetal line but it’s just so expensive so I resorted to try one product first.

Yves Rocher

Fortunately, my face didn’t break out upon using this. This is effective on removing light to very light makeup. But on medium to heavy makeup, not so much. This micellar water is very moisturizing as well. It has subtle smell that is very pleasing. After a month, I ended up using up all the product. The best thing, it is free from paraben, mineral oil and colorant.

Yves Rocher2

As mentioned, it can’t remove makeup that much. And aside from that, it’s a bit expensive for its purpose. Well, that’s just me. Those are the cons of this product. πŸ™‚

Yves Rocher2

Would I repurchase? Maybe not. But I would love to try all the products from the sebo vegetal line. That might be more effective and satisfying. But for now, I’ll have to pass. πŸ™‚

Any thoughts about this one? πŸ™‚


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