Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

If you want to channel your inner princess in you, or want to experience an Alice in Wonderland theme, then Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is the right place for you! I really got excited upon seeing this place, and this isn’t just your ordinary bakery.


I have been to Vanilla Cupcake’s Mother Ignacia first, way back when I was still working near Tomas Morato. After that, I’ve also visited their Glorietta branch. The first I’ve been here, I was with my dear officemates. I thank them so much for introducing me to this place!


Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by a yummy desserts counter and girly, princessy decors! The walls, chandeliers, chairs and tables are all matched with the theme. This is a real good place for a themed-party!

This branch is also bigger than that of Glorietta’s. I’m just not sure if this is the largest branch, but definitely, this one’s a spacious branch. I so want to have a party in this place. 🙂

Anyway, aside from the dreamy place, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery also serves good food and of course, desserts! I ordered BBQ ribs (P 195.00) at the time, served with rice and corn. It’s pretty affordable. (Disclaimer: please check their page for updated menu prices of the different branches) I didn’t eat the corn though, because I don’t really eat one. 🙂


So, the BBQ ribs exceeded my expectations! It’s enough for one serving. The meat is juicy and saucy; it falls off the bone as they say it. 🙂 It’s definitely worth the money, and I would even pay more for it.

I also bought Banoffee in a jar for dessert. I just forgot the exact price but I think it’s around P 150.00. It tastes sweet but not too sweet. It’s best eaten when cold. Again, it’s worth buying. Plus, you get a jar with it! I’m a sucker for any storage. Haha.


The walls looked like they were decorated by hug washi tapes. 🙂

Would I recommend Vanilla Cupcake Bakery? Definitely yes! I can’t wait to go back there myself. I wouldn’t mind dining here for the 3rd, 4th or 5th time. It’s Instagram-worthy too, don’t you think?


Interesting quotes to keep in mind

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is a 5 out of 5 for me. Not purely cheap, just mid-range priced, but definitely worth it. Aside from the pretty place, it serves good food and desserts.

So what are you waiting for, go to the nearest branch now! 🙂


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