Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash

I’ve never seen such a cute facial wash like this one from Clean & Clear. It’s so small, thus very travel friendly. But is it worth buying? 🙂


For just P 20.00, you can now have a facial wash that can fit into your pocket. Need not to worry about facial washes in sachet dripping, as this one has its own tube. A tube can last up to 2 weeks depending on usage.


Good thing it doesn’t have beads as we know it has been banned for being dangerous. However, the solution itself is not that foamy. But you can still feel your face being cleansed when using it. If you prefer foamy facial washes, this is not for you. I like that it is almost scentless. It’s also very easy to rinse.

It’s not drying, but in fact, it’s moisturizing! It also prevented my face from getting oily for hours. I actually bought a larger tube just to test its compatibility on my face. Glad that it worked! 🙂


Overall, I love this facial wash. It’s cheap, widely available and travel friendly. If you want to buy larger tubes, there are other sizes available. There are also other variants. For me, this is a 4 out of 5.

You should try this out! 🙂


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