Cafe Seolhwa BGC

I so love desserts. When I’m in a bad mood, I’ll just eat something sweet and I’ll be fine. That’s why aside from trying out different restaurants, le bf and I also search for cafes that serve good desserts. So one fine afternoon, we came to Cafe Seolhwa in BGC to check out what it has to offer.


Cafe Seolhwa is a Korean dessert cafe that serves Bing Su as their specialty. But they also offer toasts, croissants and rice cakes. The BGC branch is quite small but can still occupy around 30-50 people. The walls are so cute as well with wallpapers such as the one above.


So we ordered Mango Cheese Bing Su (P 240.00 for single serving) and Cheese Garlic Toast (P 220.00). We were supposed to buy a Croissant but it was unavailable at the time. Good thing we didn’t order large Bing Su because the single serving is so huge already!

The Bing Su we got is composed of milk snow (which is basically crushed ice), mango, cheese cake, nuts and topped with vanilla ice cream. The mangoes are not sour yet not so sweet. It has generous amounts of cheese cake and nuts too. It’s so delicious I wanted to order another variant. But since we got full already, we decided to try it some other time.


As for the toast, I never really expected something different as it is just a toast. But I was surprised that it tasted really good. You can really taste the cheese and garlic complementing each other. The bread itself is soft too even after it turned cold. A bit expensive for a toast though, but good thing it tasted yummy.


Will we ever go back here? Definitely yes! This cafe is a 4 out of 5 for me. I just hope that when we get back, they’ll have croissants already. Will try other Bing Su flavors as well. 😀

Have you tried Bing Su before? 🙂


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