Perks of a Bella

I started using the BDJ Power Planner last year. I also started joining the activities exclusive to planner holders, and became a Bella. I never thought I would enjoy that. From those events, I gained a lot of friends. During my first event, I was alone. But later on, I’m looking forward to see other fellow Bellas attending the events. 🙂

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BDJ Passion Series Summer Creations

The reason why I first bought my Belle de Jour Power (BDJ) Planner is that I find it so girly and pretty, but at the same time, it has features that are really useful for me. I’ve never thought that this planner would be more than that.


Until I attended a BDJ Fair. There were lots of bellas like me, lots of classes to attend to, and lots of booths to visit. It was a really fun experience and it made me want to attend more events like that. Not only that, as time goes by, I meet lots of Bellas and become friends with them. 😀

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Event: BDJ Box Beauty Soiree Ready, Set, Gorgeous

Hi everyone. How’s your year so far? I can’t believe it’s February already. I got so mad yesterday that I started my post with a rant. :/ Anyway, my February started with an event hosted by BDJ Box and Covergirl. This was supposed to happen last January 25 so I was so sad when it was January 24 already and I still got no invite. 😦 But then one day, Janine from BDJ Box sent me an email and I was super excited. The event was moved to February 1. 🙂


Photobooth! Look at that super cool ring light. It made us more beautiful. 😀

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Event: BDJ Box Beauty Soiree Holiday Polish

Hi everyone! This would be my first event post so please bear with me if I lack some details or what not. Anyway, this happened a long time ago already, specifically last November 22, 2014. But I still wanted to share this with you guys before I attend another BDJ Beauty Soiree this year, and that will be this coming Sunday already! I’m really really excited. 🙂


Complimentary snacks as we waited for the program to start! 🙂 Thank you Serenitea for this!

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