Balboa Pizza Pasta Steaks (Shangrila)

Haven’t been in Shangrila for a while just because it’s a lot easier and more convenient to just go to Megamall instead. It’s a commuter problem actually but that’s the truth. So one day, after work, my dear boyfriend and I decided to tick another restaurant off our list, Balboa.


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Food: 8 Cuts Burger Blends

Hi guys. How was your week as of now? 🙂 I hope you are still in the mood in spite of how busy your days are. 🙂 So for today, I’ll be reviewing a restaurant that we didn’t regret visiting twice. FYI, my boyfriend and I refrain, as much as possible, from visiting a restaurant twice because we still have so much in our list. Yes, we have a list of restaurants to go to. Click read more to see why we love eating in 8 cuts! 🙂

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