Review: Limitless Possibilities Facial Toner

I recently reviewed about the Facial Cream from Limitless Possibilities and I expressed how much I loved it through the blog post. If you haven’t read it yet, you can click the name above. 🙂

Now, I will review another Limitless Possibilities product and I can say that I love it too! Click Read More to know why.

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Review: Eskinol Oil Control Facial Cleanser

Eskinol has been my cleanser ever since. I’ve tried other cleanser but I just keep coming back for it. I’m switching between Oil Control, Papaya, and Whitening variants. Eskinol has a lot of cleanser variants so I might make a review on each of it. 🙂

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Review: Eanvie Facial Mist

Honestly, I don’t have a plan on buying this thing if it wasn’t on sale. I bought this mist (in a bundle set) in Serrymall, an online store selling Korean products. I usually check their website for the cosmetic products. They sell products from Hayan, Brillante Reve, and Eanvie among others. So when I’ve heard they’re having a clearance sale, I definitely hoarded.

I actually texted someone from Serrymall instead of ordering through the website. She’s so accommodating and always reply to my inquiries. By the way, you can also choose to pick your orders up on their office in Ortigas (near Podium) or deliver it to your home.

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