Review: Lactacyd All Day Care

I’m feeling kinda sleepy today but I pushed myself to accomplish things on my list today. I actually have a list of my activities for the whole week, including urgent office work and even the simplest errands. 🙂

For today, I’m gonna feature another favorite feminine wash of mine. I also posted the other variant of Lactacyd before so if you haven’t checked it yet, go read it. 🙂

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Review: Pure N’ Fresh Feminine Wash

I don’t have any plans on reviewing this one until I realize that it’s worth a review. Well, this is pretty cheap, P70.00 for 100 ml, and it is widely available in all leading drugstores as well as department stores so you can easily find this if ever.

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Review: Lactacyd Cool & Fresh Feminine Wash

Lactacyd has recently released 5 variants of this feminine wash and I picked to try the Cool & Fresh variant. Lactacyd has been our fem wash variant since I was a kid, but only my mom used it then. When I turned into a teenager, that’s the time I got to try this out. I honestly didn’t like the original Lactacyd (way back when there are no variants yet). It isn’t foamy and I didn’t like the smell. Continue reading