Review: Maxipeel Facial Wash

Hi lovelies! This would be a quick post as I’m attending a much-awaited event – Ms. Liz of ‘s 7th blog anniversary. I’m really really excited. Let’s now proceed to the review.

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Review: Maxipeel Moisturizing Cream

If you’ve read my post regarding the Maxipeel Sunblock Cream, I’ve mentioned there that I bought this in a set or bundle, which I think is cheaper than when I’ll buy them separately. As a recall, I kinda don’t like the dryness of the sunblock cream. I also expect this moisturizing cream to be the same. So let’s see if this would be as dry as the previous reviewed product.

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Review: Maxi-peel Sunblock Cream

I’m honestly not a fan of Maxi-peel exfoliants as my mom warned me on using it. I know that Maxi-peel is effective, but I just cannot follow the precautions needed for the product. Using the exfoliant requires a person to stay indoors, or somewhere NOT under the sun as direct exposure to sunlight would cause a burning sensation. As a usual commuter, I’m always walking from one place to another so I thought that this is not for me. I also don’t want to see my face extremely peeling, especially when I’m about to go outside the house. :/ Sorry for the long intro.

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