Mary Kay Timewise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 35

Sunscreen should be a staple in our skincare kits. Not only during sunny days, but everyday. I’ve only learned about this later in my life but at least I’m still not late to implement it. 🙂 Today I’ll be sharing my verdict on a sunscreen that I recently used up, Mary Kay Timewise Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 35.


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Event: Skin Care Workshop with AskMeWhats and Philosophy

Since I’m new to the blogosphere, I sometimes get pressured to post something everyday. You know, to get more online presence. But then I realized, I made this blog not because I wanted to impress. I started my blog because I wanted to share my thoughts, and not to stress out myself. 🙂 Do you get pressured too?


Anyway, last Saturday, I attended a skin care workshop by Ms. Nikki Tiu of AskMeWhats. The workshop was held at the Philosophy store in SM Megamall Fashion Hall. I love her because she’s so bubbly and funny in either her blog or in person. I also admire her for balancing her life between blogging and family life. 🙂

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Review: Limitless Possibilities Beauty Facial Cream with SPF 35

Sometimes, I get this feeling that I’m tired of what I’m doing. I just wanted to have a break from doing it, but sometimes I’m thinking of doing a full stop. But at the end of the day, I still go back to what I used to do. Does that makes sense? Do you sometimes feel the same way?

Anyway, I would like to share with you a good face cream that I have tried.

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Review: Glory of New York Fairness and Glow Cream

Sorry for the long hiatus. :/ I’ve been busy with trainings lately. But anyway, here’s a product review for you today. I got the Glory of New York Fairness and Glow Cream from Genzel of She’s the first blogger that I ever followed. Really. 🙂 And I’m really happy that I did. Until now I’m still an avid reader of her blog because it’s so reader friendly and her posts are not overwhelming.

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Review: Maxipeel Moisturizing Cream

If you’ve read my post regarding the Maxipeel Sunblock Cream, I’ve mentioned there that I bought this in a set or bundle, which I think is cheaper than when I’ll buy them separately. As a recall, I kinda don’t like the dryness of the sunblock cream. I also expect this moisturizing cream to be the same. So let’s see if this would be as dry as the previous reviewed product.

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