BLK 513 SM Megamall

I’m always on the look out for yummy desserts. So when I passed by the BLK 513 stall in SM Megamall, I got curious. I didn’t try it right away because the line for it was very long. I waited for the hype to simmer down and tried it myself. 🙂

BLK 513 serves dark skim activated-charcoal enhanced frozen yogurt. The charcoal makes it a healthier version of your usual frozen yogurt, as it is used for its anti-aging and anti-bloating properties. Dark skim is also low in calories, fat and sugar, among other beneficial effects. Knowing about these are plus points for me.


You can either choose a cup (P 185.00) or a cone (P 170.00). If you can eat the yogurt fast enough, you can opt for the cone. Otherwise, choose the cup. Serving size is definitely huge. My husband and I actually shared one cup. Appearance is definitely (positively) different from your usual frozen yogurts.


For the Dark Skim cup, you can choose one crunch, two fruits and one sauce. We chose Handmade Smores for the crunch, strawberries and lychee for the fruits, and dark fudge for the sauce. The result is so satisfying! The yogurt itself is so creamy and thick. It didn’t melt as fast as other yogurts. It’s not that sweet yet not too sour; it’s just right. You can add more crunches, toppings and sauces if you want to, but for an additional cost.


I just have some minor issues with BLK 513. First is that they don’t have smaller sizes. I find this a major reason for some people for not trying the frozen yogurt yet. Especially if you’re eating this yogurt after a meal, this would really be more than what you have wanted for a dessert fix. Second, the price is a bit pricey, but reasonable. But others might not find it reasonable though, at first thought. Lastly, I find the fruit selection a bit limited. Maybe I was just expecting more. 🙂

Would I buy again? Of course! Despite the issues I’ve mentioned, I love how it tasted. I would try out different combinations next time. 🙂 Plus points, it’s so IG-worthy! 🙂

Have you tried BLK 513’s frozen yogurt? How was it? 🙂


2 thoughts on “BLK 513 SM Megamall

  1. You should try to visit their Eastwood Mall branch! 🙂 They also offer the dark skim yogurt and drinks, plus 80 Queens beside it (also ran by the people behind BLK513) offers unique savory treats.


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