Girls like us may have minor problems that would hugely affect us. One of them is having uncomfortable underwear. Isn’t that annoying?

In this blog post, I will cite some ‘Brablems’, problems that we encounter with our bras. Brablems can really break our day if not solved asap. So let’s start and raise your hands if you’re experiencing the brablem mentioned. 🙂 Solutions are also given. 🙂

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My Bareskin Specialist Amazing Cream

I so love my fair skin. I do everything to retain my skin color the same way my mom preserved it until I can care for myself. 🙂 But due to commute and other activities, it’s inevitable to not get dark after some time. Fortunate enough, there are a lot of products right now in the market that caters to that. I’ve tried a lot of different products from different brands and not all of the work. But I’m glad to share with you my thoughts about a cream that worked in bringing back my fair skin.

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Avon Feelin Fresh Quelch Glutathione Deodorant Cream

My everyday struggle includes commuting and walking a lot. Even on weekends, I need to commute when buying groceries, paying for the bills, etc. With that, I’m really prone to sweat especially my UA. Honestly, I have naturally sweaty UA. But through the wide array of multi-tasking deos in the market, I’ve gone through that already. 🙂


Avon Quelch Glutathione, P109.00

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