Travel: Valentine’s Date Part 1 – Pinto Art Museum

To celebrate Valentine’s day, we decided to check Pinto Art Museum, which is super near our house. We went there last February 15 and not 14 so as to prevent the traffic; we went to NIU by Vikings after (review of that soon). A lot of our friends have already been there and yet they are from Manila. But us, who are in Antipolo already, didn’t understand that hype earlier. 🙂

PS: Another photo loaded post. 🙂

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Travel: Caramoan Trip c/o The Traveler’s Camp

WARNING: This would be a photo-loaded post. 🙂

To celebrate my BF and I’s 2 years of being together (again. haha), we decided to have a 3d2n trip to Caramoan, Camarines Sur. We spent months preparing for the trip and it was really really worth it. To lessen the hassle, we contacted Mr. Jun of The Traveler’s Camp to arrange our accommodation, food, and island hopping.

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