Review: Nivea Invisible Deodorant

Hi everyone. I know I owe you reviews on makeup products. I’m working on it now. I promise to post about those soon. 🙂 But for now, let me introduce you to a staple deodorant in my closet, the Nivea invisible (P89.00).

Why is it called invisible? It is because it claims to maintain the color of your clothes, may it be white or black. This deodorant comes in a transparent packaging which you can see the transparent liquid.

DSC03941Unlike other deodorants, this one doesn’t cause yellow stains, which I can attest. That’s one reason why I liked this one. Aside from that, it smells good too. This deo didn’t make my UA dark, which is the most important factor for me. Who wants a dark UA anyway? 🙂

Lastly, it really prevents my underarm from smelling funky or being wet. I’m really sweaty so if I don’t use a deodorant, expect me to have wet UA (yikes!).

DSC03941After using this particular deo, I didn’t switch to other types (for now). It impressed me really well. Plus, it makes my clothes look new by not having white patches on the UA area.

DSC03942Since I have expressed my likeness towards this deo, I’m giving it a 5 out of 5 rating. This is one of the best deo I have used. Other deos claim to whiten the skin, but it did not (for me).

I am not saying that all whitening deos are not true to their claims. It is just that, they didn’t work on my skin type. What didn’t work for me might have worked on you. 🙂 It really depends on you. 🙂

So there, how about you, what deo are you currently using? Any suggestions on a good deo? 🙂


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